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Empowering Young Minds

Understanding what mental health is and how to look after it should be a basic human right. Instead, what many receive is an immense amount of stigma.


Without being equipped with knowledge and skills to take care of mental health, many are left vulnerable to experiencing mental health issues, with little to no idea of how to cope. Sadly mental health issues plague our younger populations, with suicide being the leading cause of death in 15 - 29 year olds globally. Something needs to shift.


Alexa seeks to empower young people to promote and maintain their mental health, as well as to know how and where to seek support in managing mental health issues.

Mental Health Matters

Introduction to Mental Health

Effective coping skills

Ways to promote mental health

Resource Pack Included

The Magic of Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindful Breathing & Relaxation

Multiple Ways to be Mindful

Resource Pack Included

Managing Emotions Effectively

Understanding Emotions

Helpful vs Unhelpful ways of managing emotions

Resource Pack Included

Exam Stress & Anxiety

Understanding Stress & Anxiety
Effective coping skills

Resource Pack Included

Past Schools / Universities

Athlone Girls High

Beaulieu College

Christ Church Preparatory School & College

Delta Park School

Diepsloot Combined School

Diepsloot West Secondary School

Ikamva Youth Centre

Ivory Park Secondary School

Rabasotho School

Reiger Park Secondary School

Sandtonview School

St John Baptist Catholic School

Steyn City

University of Pretoria

University of Cape Town