Mental Health Content Development

Many organisations (private and non-profit) address issues that intersect with mental health such as digital citizenship, education, unemployment and other psycho-social issues. Yet they don't all have access to a clinical psychologist to ensure they're addressing the mental health aspects of these issues - which is where Alexa comes in.

Whether it's via Zoom, Whatsapp or in-person, Alexa finds a way to spread mental health awareness and coping skills for staff, clients and/or community members. She also edits and creates content for already existing programs, to ensure that the mental health messages being delivered are accurate, relatable and a move towards behavioural change.


WhatsApp scripted chats members can view, with Q & A.

Online presentations / workshops, with Q & A.

Program Development

Assessment of the organisation's needs.

Developing a mental health awareness program to suit the needs of the organisation.

Content Development

Mental health content development for scripts, apps, articles, blog and social media posts.

Changing Behaviour

Implementing cognitive-behavioural psychological approaches, to create the behavioural change in programs and organisations.