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Mental Health & Well-being

Employees' level of functioning and productivity is directly impacted by their mental health and well-being, which is why it's important for companies to empower their staff to take care of their mental health.

Since the start of the pandemic, this has become even more necessary. By equipping staff with coping mechanisms and access to resources, you're empowering them with the skills to effectively navigate such uncertain times.

Alexa provides workshops, once-off or multiple sessions, on a variety of mental health topics - depending on the needs of her clients.  She explains concepts of mental health in interesting and relatable ways, whilst also equipping participants with simple strategies to cope on their own.

Mental Health Matters

Introduction to Mental Health

Effective coping skills

Ways to promote mental health

Resource Pack Included

The Magic of Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindful Breathing & Relaxation

Multiple Ways to be Mindful

Resource Pack Included

Mental Health & Motivation

Impact of Mental Health on Motivation
Motivation vs Demotivation
Moving towards Meaning

Resource Pack Included

Struggles with Stress & Anxiety

Stress vs Anxiety
Impacts on Mental Health
Effective Coping Skills

Resource Pack Included

Past Corporate Workshops






2019 - Present

Debriefing and Mindfulness Workshops for SADAG Counselors

Compassionate Counseling Workshop for Department of Education

Mental Health Awareness Workshops Nationwide in Schools, Universities, Corporates and Non-Profit Organisations



Investec - Promaths Online Mentoring Program

2020 - 2021

Virtual Mental Health Awareness Workshops - Managing Exam Stress & Anxiety

Provided to around 3000 Grade 11 & 12 learners






Allan Gray Orbis Foundation


Emerge & Inspire Wellness Session - Mental Health Matters

For Candidate Fellows

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