Consultancy & Advocacy

South Africa has an incredibly high rate of substance abuse, gender based violence, sexual violence, bullying, suicide and more. These are examples of behavioural issues, which often result out of an inability to manage emotions and deal effectively with challenging situations.

In order to start seeing much needed behavioural changes in our country, it’s imperative to shift how people relate to and manage their thoughts and emotions. The more in control people are of their thoughts and feelings, the more effective they are in their ability to function – at home, school and in the workplace.

Through the use of mindfulness, CBT, DBT and ACT techniques, Alexa empowers people to learn how to manage difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively, so they can be in control of their behaviour.

Individual mental healthcare is unfortunately very inaccessible, which is why Alexa strives to spread awareness, share skills on how to cope and promote mental health to larger groups by collaborating with organisations, corporates, schools and more.

"Mental health has become increasingly harder to ignore since the start of the pandemic and needs to be managed more than ever before. On the bright side of Covid19, we've shifted to doing more online, meaning we can reach more people."

Alexa consults for SADAG, MySociaLife, The Tutroom Foundation and Healthcare Worker's Care Network to impart mental health information and skills that are accurate, understandable, inclusive and empowering for the programs and support they provide.